Nigel Bradham didn’t even make it a month with the Saints before being cut

Nigel Bradham, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Nigel Bradham, Philadelphia Eagles. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Nigel Bradham’s New Orleans Saints tenure lasted a grand total of 25 days.

The New Orleans Saints decided they were done with Nigel Bradham after less than a month.

William Henry Harrison was the ninth President of the United States of America six full days longer than Bradham was a member of the Saints football team. Most of us have been in awful relationships longer than the Saints had Bradham in the building. Thought to be a piece that could bolster the Saints’ linebacking corps, he was surprisingly released on Monday morning.

Do the New Orleans Saints have a winning culture or not, Nigel Bradham?

There may have been many reasons for Bradham’s release. Maybe he wasn’t good enough to crack the Saints’ linebacker rotation? Perhaps there was a clash internally with the coaching staff? Maybe there were inconsistencies over what defines a winning culture or not? Bradham didn’t think winning Super Bowl 52 was part of a winning culture, so what does he think of the Saints?

Not even three weeks into his run with the Saints did Bradham offered us an “oh my god, we have to release this guy” quote when he disrespected the two former organizations he used to play for in the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles. Though the Bills weren’t good when he played for them, they’re good now. And saying the Eagles don’t have a winning culture is downright moronic.

“It’s definitely a different type of environment…the last 2 organizations I went to, it wasn’t really a winning organization. So when you come to a place that’s known for winning, known for being in the postseason, you see the different type of culture they have,” said Bradham back on Aug. 17. Not sure if there are karmic implications here or not, but you can believe whatever you want.

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Bradham will have to look for a fourth NFL team to begin his ninth NFL season out of Florida State University. He is already on the wrong side of 30 and will be having his 31st birthday on Sept. 4. Bradham may get picked up by then or he may have to wait until a linebacking corps around the league is decimated and he’ll be brought in for a workout at some point.

We don’t know where Bradham will end up, but he’s not playing for the Saints anymore.