NFL quarterback rankings, Week 2: Aaron Rodgers dominates

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Sam Darnold, New York Jets
Sam Darnold, New York Jets. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /

After a turbulent offseason in Green Bay, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers went out and destroyed the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1.

Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season is finished. Observations have been made, but only a damn fool would declare them conclusions.

In the 2020 FanSided NFL quarterback rankings — which go live here every Tuesday morning throughout the regular season — we use a weighted average of current and past performances, with the former meaning more than the latter.

Let’s go.

QB. Tyrod Taylor. 32. player. 13. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. Los Angeles Chargers

2020 stats: 208 yards | 53.3 completion % | 0 TDs | 0 INTs | 6.9 YPA | 26.6 QBR

Last Week: 30

Against the Bengals, 10 of Taylor’s 16 completions traveled seven yards or less in the air. With weapons like Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Hunter Henry, that’s awful. Especially considering running back Austin Ekeler only had one catch all game.

QB. 30. Pick Analysis. New York Jets. Sam Darnold. 31. player. Scouting Report

2020 stats: 215 yards | 60.0 completion % | 1 TDs | 1 INTs | 6.5 YPA | 19.3 QBR

Last Week: 27

Darnold has no talent around him, but the mistakes keep coming. The interception was a heave into traffic, the accuracy is scattershot and the pocket awareness is non-existent. Not good.

Pick Analysis. QB. 30. player. 58. Scouting Report. Washington Football Team. Dwayne Haskins

2020 stats: 178 yards | 54.8 completion % | 1 TDs | 0 INTs | 5.7 YPA | 45.6 QBR

Last Week: 32

Haskins started terribly but finished strong, much like his team in Washington’s upset win. Much like Taylor, his largely checked down and played safe, avoiding the turnovers. However, considering his experience and Washington’s lack of weapons, it’s the right move.

player. Pick Analysis. QB. Ryan Fitzpatrick. 29. 59. Scouting Report. Miami Dolphins

2020 stats: 191 yards | 66.7 completion % | 0 TDs | 3 INTs | 6.4 YPA | 72.7 QBR

Last Week: 29

Fitzpatrick did what Fitzpatrick does. The veteran sprinkled in some nice throws with a trio of interceptions, essentially submarining Miami’s hope of upsetting the Patriots in Foxborough. He’ll continue to keep the seat warm for Tua Tagovailoa.

57. Chicago Bears. Mitch Trubisky. 28. player. Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. QB

2020 stats: 242 yards | 55.6 completion % | 3 TDs | 0 INTs | 6.7 YPA | 55.5 QBR

Last Week: 31

In the fourth quarter against Detroit, Trubisky was great. He completed 8-of-10 throws for 89 yards and three touchdowns. Unfortunately, he was abysmal for the other three quarters, amassing 153 yards on 12-of-26 attempts. The Bears had a magical quarter. Don’t believe in magic tricks.

Pick Analysis. Denver Broncos. Drew Lock. 45. Scouting Report. QB. 27. player

2020 stats: 216 yards | 66.7 completion % | 1 TDs | 0 INTs | 6.5 YPA | 68.2 QBR

Last Week: 26

Lock threw for 216 yards, and 25 of it came on a final first-half heave against a prevent defense. The second-year man wasn’t poor, but merely average. When he faces teams who will take away the first read, it could be a problem.

QB. 26. player. 53. Pick Analysis. Cleveland Browns. Baker Mayfield. Scouting Report

2020 stats: 189 yards | 53.8 completion % | 1 TDs | 1 INTs | 4.8 YPA | 33.4 QBR

Last Week: 19

Mayfield struggled in all areas. Frankly, it looked awful and like a continuation of last year. The Browns scored six points, Mayfield threw a litany of interceptable passes (only paying for one) while failing to adjust protections and find hot reads. It was a disaster.

Scouting Report. Pick Analysis. New York Giants. Daniel Jones. player. QB. 25. 31

2020 stats: 279 yards | 63.4 completion % | 1 TDs | 2 INTs | 6.8 YPA | 52.0 QBR

Last Week: 25

Jones has all the tools. He’s a big, strong kid willing to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball under pressure. Unfortunately, Jones is always under pressure, and it leads to turnovers. If the Giants can limit the sacks and allow Jones to set his feet, perhaps the mistakes would disappear.