Tyler Shelvin could return to LSU after initially opting out

LSU saw several players opt out of the 2020 season due to concerns over COVID-19, but players have been going back on their decision. 

The first to do such a thing was defensive end Neil Farrell, who decided to opt out in early August, but recently backtracked and decided to return to his National Champion LSU Tigers.

Not much time has passed since Farrell’s decision and now another player is looking to return to Baton Rouge as well. There have been rumblings surrounding a potential return from nose tackle Tyler Shelvin, who also had decided he wasn’t going to play this year, but instead wanted to turn his attention to the 2021 NFL Draft.

According to Shea Dixon of Geaux 247, Shelvin’s family has reached out to LSU head coach Ed Orgeron about the nose tackle potentially returning to school to play in 2020.

“His family has called me,” Orgeron said. “I have not spoken to Tyler. I know some of his teammates are talking to him.”

“Orgeron said he would welcome Shelvin back to the team if he chooses to return. Shelvin started double-digit games at nose tackle a year ago for the Tigers during the 15-0 National Championship season.”

Obviously LSU would be elated to have Shelvin back in the fold, as the 6-foot-3, 346-pound nose tackle appeared in double digit games last year and was a big part of their championship winning season. The Tigers have started to adjust with Shelvin’s opt out and even if he did return to the team, he’d have to get back into shape before being slotted back into the lineup.

Tyler Shelvin returning to LSU would give the Tigers a boost defensively.

It’s a unique time in the world and no one blames these young men for opting out if they feel that’s the best decision for them to make. While it’s odd to see some of them change their minds, maybe things improved for them and they decided they can make it work for them after all.

If Shelvin returns to Baton Rouge for the 2020 season, it’ll give LSU the power they need defensively and will give fans a fun player to watch in what’s going to be a unique season for sure.