Real people want Drew Brees benched for Jameis Winston

Drew Brees doesn’t look like Drew Brees so far in 2020

The unthinkable is being considered on Twitter. Drew Brees is old. Like, not actually old, but NFL player old. He can’t throw like he used to and without Michael Thomas he looks like a shell of himself.

The Saints offense is still capable, but they’re forced to pick up yards in small chunks assuming one of their receivers doesn’t break free on a short or intermediate route. Win or not, Brees is limited and the Saints are learning how to win with that version of him as signal caller. It’s going to take some time.

Time isn’t something Twitter pundits have much of these days.

Real NFL pundits — and Saints fans — want to see what Jameis Winston can do

Who are we to disagree with the great Mina Kimes?

Psst…not too loud. We don’t want Drew to hear us.

Jameis is enjoying his clipboard time. Perhaps the Microsoft Word paperclip can join him.

It’s definitely too soon to have this conversation. Brees is going to pad his numbers, win or lose, because he has a solid receiving corps even without Thomas in the equation. Brees is a future Hall of Famer for a reason, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, even if Winston seems like the younger, more attractive option for now. The Saints haven’t gone 2-0 since 2013. it just doesn’t happen, so maybe we should pump the brakes a little.

That opinion will probably flip a few times between now and the end of the season.