Apparently the WWE is in the wine business now

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images /

WWE will be entering the wine business, as they unveil two bottles that will be available soon.

Through the years, WWE has had their hand in a number of various ventures. The latest seems to be in the form of vintage wine. That’s right, the sports entertainment kingpin is set to release two bottles of wine that will be available just in time for Halloween. And the first two bottles are fitting for the holiday. The company issued a press release that has more information below.

The collection, known as “Wines That Rock,” will feature an Undertaker Cabernet Sauvignon and an Ultimate Warrior Zinfandel. Each selection is now available for pre-order through, and has a ship date of October 22.

The Undertaker’s bottle is a limited edition item, that commemorates a 30-year career that was recently highlighted in the WWE Network special “The Last Ride.” It will be a 30-barrel series, and each bottle will be marked with an individual bottle number as well as the barrel it came from. The bottle also glows in the dark

The Ultimate Warrior bottle is a 2019 Zinfandel and will be sold similar to that of The Undertaker. This limited-edition bottle will also be individually numbered and will feature one of three unique corks. Each cork is produced with different images and sayings from The Ultimate Warrior himself, to give each one its own special look.

Each preorder will come with a minimum of two bottles. You can get two Undertaker bottles or two Warrior bottles, or you can get one of each. There is an option to preorder two, four, or six bottles at a time. At the bottom of the WWE Wines preorder page is a list of states that they can deliver to, as well as a link to contact customer service if you don’t see your state listed.

  • 2-bottle set: $100 + shipping
  • Legends 2-bottle set (one of each superstar): $100 + shipping
  • 4-bottle set: $200 + shipping
  • Warrior 4-bottle set (two of each superstar): $200 + shipping
  • 6-bottle set: $275 + shipping
  • Legends 6-bottle set (three of each superstar) $275 + shipping

For more information, you are encouraged to check out the WWEWines website. It’s definitely something unique for a collector, whether you’re a WWE fan or just a wine collector in general.

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