NFL Week 6 preview: Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes meet


Week 6 has a couple of great matchups, including Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes meeting Josh Allen for the first time.

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Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings

Best mismatch for Falcons: Throw a ton. Matt Ryan should have Julio Jones back for the first time in weeks. If so, exploit Minnesota’s pass defense, which ranks 27th in net yards per attempt (7.5).

Best mismatch for Vikings: Score early and often. Atlanta is 28th defensively in the red zone (75.0) while the Vikings rank third offensively (76.5%).

Stat to know: Minnesota has had the worst average starting field position, getting the ball at the 22.9-yard line.

Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles

Best mismatch for Ravens: Stop right there. Philadelphia ranks 29th in drives ending in a score (32.8%). Baltimore is tops defensively in the same category (25.9%).

Best mismatch for Eagles: Find Lamar. The Eagles have registered 47 QB hits, second-most in the NFL. Baltimore has been average in protection, ranking 21st in sack percentage (8.0%).

Stat to know: Carson Wentz has thrown nine interceptions this season, two more than anybody else this season.

Chicago Bears at Carolina Panthers

Best mismatch for Bears: Get it out. Nick Foles has averaged 2.49 seconds per dropback, fourth-quickest in the NFL. Carolina ranks 31st in pressure rate (13.5%).

Best mismatch for Panthers: Keep it short. Carolina is best in the league in yards per completion against (9.2), while Chicago is 28th in YPC offensively (10.1).

Stat to know: Carolina has a 73 percent completion rate. Chicago is tops defensively, allowing a rate of only 57.4.

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts

Best mismatch for Bengals: Make ’em pay. Philip Rivers has already thrown five interceptions and could have a few more. Cincinnati’s defenders have shown good hands, pulling down five picks to rank 8th in the NFL.

Best mismatch for Colts: No more. Indianapolis has allowed a league-low 395 air yards, meaning Cincinnati likely has to move on long drives. Not ideal considering the protection issues.

Stat to know: Indianapolis has the best yards per play against (4.7) this season.

Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

Best mismatch for Browns: Give me that. The Browns have created 12 turnovers, most in the NFL. Ben Roethlisberger has been judicious avoiding mistakes in 2020, but had at least 13 interceptions in each year from 2015-18.

Best mismatch for Steelers: Get pressure. Pittsburgh ranks first in pressure rate (38.1%) and second in hurry rate (16.7%). Cleveland struggled mightily against Baltimore’s pressure schemes in Week 1, starting with Baker Mayfield struggling to make quick reads.

Stat to know: Cleveland is second in yards per rush (5.5) while Pittsburgh has allowed 3.3 YPC, second-best to Tampa Bay.

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots

Best mismatch for Broncos: Force a throw. Denver is fourth defensively in NY/A (5.8) while the Patriots are a pedestrian 18th (6.4) in the category.

Best mismatch for Patriots: Get the ball back. Denver has the fewest first downs in the NFL (76), while New England is sixth in first downs allowed per game.

Stat to know: New England is the only team averaging less than three penalties per game.

Detroit Lions at Jacksonville Jaguars

Best mismatch for Lions: Break a big one. Detroit averages 17.5 yards per punt return, best in the NFL. Jacksonville is 23rd covering punts on average (9.3).

Best mismatch for Jaguars: Keep marching. The Lions are third-worst in the league, allowing 39.8 yards per drive. Combined with Gardner Minshew’s quick-throw offense, Jacksonville should move the chains.

Stat to know: Jacksonville has allowed 6.6 yards per play this season, worst in the NFL.

Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans

Best mismatch for Texans: Chunks for days. Houston averages 13.3 yards per completion, best in the NFL. The Titans were 25th against (11.9) going into Tuesday’s tilt.

Best mismatch for Titans: Keep the chains moving. Houston averages a league-worst 3:26 per defensive drive. Tennessee needs to capitalize with its ball-control attack.

Stat to know: Houston only have two defensively takeaways, fewest in the circuit.

Washington Football Team at New York Giants

Best mismatch for Football Team: Find Daniel Jones. Washington ranks sixth with 15 sacks, while New York has allowed 16 sacks, seventh-worst in football.

Best mismatch for Giants: Get home. Washington has allowed a 10.7 percent sack rate, worst in football. New York is 11th in quarterback knockdown rate (8.7%) and 9th in pressure rate (21.1%).

Stat to know: New York has the worst third-down defense (53.8%) while Washington is last offensively on such conversions (29.9%).

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

Best mismatch for Jets: Force FitzMagic into mistakes. The Jets are third in QB knockdown rate (9.6%) and Fitzpatrick has well-documented issues with turnovers. Create them.

Best mismatch for Dolphins: Make them miss. The Jets have missed 53 tackles on the year, most in football. Miami has a chance to make big plays after the catch on Sunday.

Stat to know: The Dolphins are 30th in red zone defense (76.5%) while the Jets are dead last offensively inside the 20 (25.0%).

Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Best mismatch for Packers: Hit the free ones. Few draw a team offsides better than Aaron Rodgers. Tampa Bay has been wildly undisciplined, taking the most penalties (42) through five weeks.

Best mismatch for Buccaneers: Hit the target. Green Bay’s defense is 28th in completion rate (72.2%). With a healthier Bucs team helmed by Tom Brady, there will be plays to make.

Stat to know: The Buccaneers’ run defense is tops in yards per attempt (2.6) while Green Bay is fourth offensively (5.1).

Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers

Best mismatch for Rams: Don’t throw here. The Rams are first in defensive NY/A (4.9) while the 49ers have struggled to move through the air, ranking 24th (6.1 NY/A).

Best mismatch for 49ers: Make ’em pay. The 49ers have allowed 402 yards after the catch this season, second-best. Los Angeles runs a ton of wide receiver screens and quick-hitters.

Stat to know: Raheem Mostert ranks second in the NFL with 100 rushing yards over expected total, despite missing two weeks due to injury.

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

Best mismatch for Chiefs: Beat the blitz. Buffalo blitzes 39.2 percent of snaps, second only to Tampa Bay. Patrick Mahomes has posted a QB rating better than 110 in his career against the blitz.

Best mismatch for Bills: Take shots. Last week, Derek Carr hit three completions of 35+ air yards, including two touchdowns. The Bills are first in YPA (9.0) while Kansas City’s defense ranks 16th against (7.6).

Stat to know: Buffalo is 29th in yards per rush (3.7) while the Chiefs check in 27th against (5.0). Who wins this battle?

Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys

Best mismatch for Cardinals: Kyler Murray on the edge. Murray is one of the elite dual-threats in football. Force Dallas into tough decisions in split seconds. The Cowboys have struggled all year defensively in staying disciplined with their eyes.

Best mismatch for Cowboys: Go through the air. Arizona has allowed 623 yards after catch, second-most in football. Andy Dalton needs to hit CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper in space, and let them work.

Stat to know: Dallas has 98 first downs in 2020, a full 18 more than the second-best team (Kansas City).