(Video) Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale took a huge shot at Eagles fans

If you think the presence of Eagles fans at this Sunday’s game is going to bother Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale. 

Who is on a bigger roll: The Baltimore Ravens defense or the architect of the unit’s success?

Work isn’t something that will be hard for Don “Wink” Martindale to find, whether that be his current job as the Ravens defensive coordinator or the many head coaching jobs he’ll be linked to this offseason. But if he’s looking to supplement his income, moonlighting as a standup comedian might be in the cards.

The Philadelphia Eagles are hosting the Ravens this Sunday and will be allowing fans to attend a game at Lincoln Finacial Field. Martindale was asked what he expected to see out of those lucky fans on Sunday and didn’t miss a chance to take a sweeping shot at them.

“It’s gonna be a lot of fun. We’ll be able to know – it’s 7,500 [fans], right? – we’ll be able to know at least, it’ll be easier to pick out – what is it? D batteries – out of the stands if that happens.”

That’s a reference to Eagles fans throwing batteries from the stands — one the many, many ruckus things that Eagles fans have been known to do over their years of watching football. It can’t up understated how ruthless Eagles fans are, which is why Philly is one of the hardest places to play when the going is good.

This is a fan base that infamously pelted Santa Claus with snowballs, never go into Philly as an outsider and expect a warm welcome. We don’t neve need fans in the stands to get the full Philly effect, as earlier this season the fake fan track booed Carson Wentz off the field after he sunk deeper and deeper into a miserable performance against the Rams.

While the Eagles may not be much to write home about this year — despite the fact they’re still in the running for the NFC East crown with a losing record — the fans remain undefeated.