Watch Sadio Mane and Liverpool get screwed by controversial VAR call (Video)

A controversial offsides call cost Liverpool three points against Everton and no one can figure out what the refs saw. 

The advent of 4k video resolution has revolutionized our home viewing experience, but don’t try telling that to Liverpool supporters today.

Crystal clear cinematic experiences are wonderful if you’re watching Star Wars, but officials in Liverpool’s match against Everton apparently saw a late, game-deciding relay with such clarity that they were able to rule a player offsides by the hair on his arm.

After Everton tied the Merseyside Derby 2-2 with a late goal, Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson seemingly clinched things with a game-winning goal.

The play went to VAR review, however, in which it was determined that Sadio Mane was offsides.

You be the judge:

The determination was that Mane was offsides, which a still frame seems to suggest was hardly the case. VAR has been a controversial subject among football fans, but this decision — and its ramifications — takes the cake.

The decision is massive, as Liverpool thought it was going to walk away with a full three-point victory and the top spot in the league. The morning began Everton sitting atop the league with a three-point advantage over Liverpool, and had the goal stood and not been overturned, the win by Liverpool would have awarded the three points needed to tie Everton’s total in first.

Instead, the gap between the two clubs remains at three.

There’s still a lot of football left to be played in the Premier League season, but this controversial decision could have a ripple effect that goes far beyond this afternoon.