(Video) Watch Aaron Rodgers’ incredible Key and Peele TD celebration

Aaron Rodgers gifted the world with a touchdown celebration homage to Key and Peele against Tampa Bay. 

We can pinpoint the start of Aaron Rodgers’ MVP campaign to Week 6 in Tampa Bay.

The Packers quarterback had already been on a tear through the first quarter of the season, helping Green Bay jump out to an undefeated record and a commanding grip on the NFC playoff picture.

But it wasn’t anything he put o the stat sheet against the Buccaneers that sparked the true start of his MVP campaign, it was a touchdown celebration that shouted out one of the best comedy shows of the last decade.

After Rodgers dashed into the endzone for the Packers’ first touchdown of the day, he gave us all the pumps.

If you were wondering what he was doing, just take a look at this:

The only bad part of this touchdown celebration was that it didn’t count. Rodgers was ruled to have been down before the goal line, and a play later he handed it off to Aaron Jones to collect the score.

But honestly, the touchdown dance should have been worth at least a two-point conversion.

Key & Peele hasn’t been on Comedy Central for years, but it was one of the most influential sketch comedy shows of the last quarter-century. So while it’s hard to call this a deep cut reference by Rodgers, it’s nevertheless an incredible flex by an Aaron Rodgers who seems to be enjoying football more than he ever has in his career before.