Chiefs literally danced on Jets grave in hilarious Swag Surfin routine

Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

The Chiefs defense knows all about Swag Surfin

The Chiefs imposed their will on the winless New York Jets this Sunday to the surprise of no one. Kansas City tried to ensure that they wouldn’t fall victim to the classic trap game mindset by building up the Jets all week long prior to their matchup, but once they were lined up on the same field it was obvious which side was a superior, perhaps soon to be back-to-back Super Bowl champ, and which was tanking for Trevor Lawrence.

Kansas City didn’t bring their usual intensity early on, but frankly they didn’t need to. The Chiefs won 35-9 and even rubbed it in a bit late in the contest.

The Chiefs had every right to celebrate

The Chiefs can celebrate until someone knocks them off their throne — that’s how the NFL works. The Patriots acted like cocky expletives until this very season, in which they’re 2-5 and getting a sudden dose of reality. Even Bill Belichick knows it’s true.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs are 7-1, feature the best quarterback in all of football and have an easy road to another division title. While they sit behind the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC standings, the Chiefs are still favored to take the conference and for good reason, as they’re the most complete team in football by a long shot. Brett Veach has built a juggernaut, and added Le’Veon Bell as the cherry on top just for good measure.

So let them dance. If anyone deserves such punishment, it’s Adam Gase and whoever made the decision to hire Adam Gase.

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