Skinny Vlad Guerrero Jr. is ready to tear things up for the Blue Jays

Credit: Sarah Stier/Getty Images
Credit: Sarah Stier/Getty Images /

The Toronto Blue Jays superstar has gotten leaner since the team’s Wild Card Round exit last month.

The Toronto Blue Jays shocked the world by clinching a postseason berth this year, when many expected they were a year or so from contending. Toronto was brought back down to Earth in the Wild Card Round, as they were swept by the eventual winners of the AL pennant, the Tampa Bay Rays. Since the Blue Jays got their taste of Fall Ball, one of the team’s franchise cornerstones is using his offseason to get in peak physical shape.

Star first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. appears to have slimmed down this offseason, based off a recent photo circulating on social media. During an interview with Yancen Pujols of elCaribe, Guerrero revealed that he is down to 250-pounds, which is 32 pounds lighter than he was when he showed up to summer camp in July.

A lean, mean Vlad Jr.

“I did not get to the second training well, and I told myself that this cannot happen again. I was overweight, I said that it couldn’t happen again and I got to work at once, ” Guerrero Jr. told elCaribe, via Google Translate.

“Things happen because you don’t work. I finished the season more or less and put that in mind. I started with the slow swing and when I lost 20 pounds I started feeling better.”

Guerrero planned earlier this year that he wanted to start off the 2020 season in better shape before the coronavirus pandemic hit North America. In fact, Guerrero said he apologized to his teammates for arriving to Summer Camp in less than ideal shape.

2020 started off differently for Guerrero. Instead of playing his usual position at third base, the Blue Jays coaching staff opted to move Guerrero to first. Travis Shaw, formerly of the Boston Red Sox and Milwaukee Brewers, received the starting nod at third. Guerrero played in all 60 regular-season games for the Blue Jays, where he slashed .262/.329/.462 while hitting nine home runs and 33 RBI.

Guerrero said that his goal is to keep his weight between 245 and 250-pounds next season with the hope that it will help improve upon his numbers through the first two seasons of his career. He’s cut out fatty foods in his diet, and he doesn’t eat anything after 7:00 p.m. daily. Guerrero obviously wants to be the best, and he knows he has to put in the hard work to fulfill his lofty expectations. He’s preaching it and practicing it, that’s for sure.

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