Patrick Mahomes interacting with fans through burner accounts is amazing (Video)

Patrick Mahomes shared a video of him replying to his fans through different burner accounts on social media and it’s nothing short of amazing. 

If you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fans, it’s quite frankly impossible to not love Patrick Mahomes. After winning the Super Bowl last season, Mahomes has the Chiefs at 7-1 this year and his rocket for an arm has been brilliant once again.

What makes Mahomes’ relationship with the team even more special is he has such a special bond with the fans. His bubbling personality was once again showcased recently, as he took to social media to interact with his supporters.

However, there was a bit of a plot twist this time around.

Patrick Mahomes continues to show why he’s the perfect fit on and off the field for the Kansas City Chiefs

In the video above, you can see Mahomes hilariously responding to fans, but doing so from a burner. What makes it all the better is that some of Mahomes responses are funny, but he also shows how humble he is at the same time.

Mahomes has every reason to be cocky right now. He’s the reigning Super Bowl MVP and signed a contract worth more than $500 million. Yet, he’s still grounded, which is why the Kansas City faithful appreciate him even more.

Entering Sunday’s showdown with the Panthers, Mahomes has 97 career touchdowns to his name. If he throws for three against Carolina, he’ll become the fastest player in NFL history to reach 100 scores. Last weekend against the Jets, Mahomes had an incredible day, tossing for five touchdowns.

The signal-caller continues to make incredible history for the organization. With him in the prime of his career, everyone in Kansas City can enjoy him making plays for a long, long time.