Tyler Conklin is the best friend a Viking could have (Video)

Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images
Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images /

Find yourself a teammate in life like Tyler Conklin.

Having a true friend is rare in life. On the football field, teammates will always look for each other. Minnesota Vikings tight end Tyler Conklin might be both when you break it down.

In a recent video posted by the Vikings social media crew, Conklin can be seen giving his winter coat to fellow tight end Irv Smith Jr. in the blistering cold. As the wind continues to blow, the third-year tight end laughs it off, saying to his teammate “he needs it more” since Smith grew up in the south.

Talk about a loyal buddy right there.

A tale of two tight ends

Conklin might have a point, since the second-year product out of Alabama grew up in New Orleans by the shoreline. Meanwhile, the living Viking himself is best known for his time as the go-to target for the Chippewas offense at Central Michigan.

The two budding tight ends both have skills the other might desire. Smith, who saw his stock grow after a productive final season with the Crimson Tide, has stronger hands as the receiving option. Currently, the 22-year-old has collected 47 receptions for 460 yards and two touchdowns in his brief stay with the team. Conklin, who’s totaled 17 career catches, is best used as a blocking option in the run game.

Both are limited in play time due to veteran Kyle Rudolph seeing a majority of offensive snaps. Soon however, they will be the future of the position, showing that one skill can dominate when called upon. Even if one of the two were to leave, whichever team claimed Conklin would be hauling in what seems to be one of the nicest players in the NFL.

Honestly, with that wind, who else wouldn’t give up their jacket in that situation? Good for you, Conklin. You win the top teammate award entering Week 9 against the Detroit Lions.

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