‘Maybe Next Year’ documentary celebrates Philadelphia Eagles fandom

Philadelphia Eagles fans (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Philadelphia Eagles fans (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

The passion of Philadelphia sports fans is on full display in a documentary filmed during the Eagles run to the 2017 Super Bowl championship.

When documentary film director Kyle Thrash came into the world, he entered right into the Philadelphia sports scene.

“My parents are from the area in Bucks County so I kinda grew up around Philadelphia sports fandom. My mom had the Phillies game on in the delivery room when I was being born so I was literally born into this,” Thrash said.

Those qualifications should qualify Thrash to lead a documentary celebrating Eagles fans from even the most provincial diehard Philly fans. Thrash talked to a lot of them in 2017, the year that  turned out to be the Eagles magical run to Super Bowl LII edging out Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The piece was originally going to be a short film, but ended up in a 90-minute roller coaster ride documentary that leaves you wanting even more.

The story revolves around four central characters from all parts of Philadelphia, each unique in their own way. Bryant ‘EDP’ Moreland is one of the four chronicled. Moreland screams videos into his phone while also laments his sex life and discussing his anger issues.

Then there is “Eagles Shirley” Dash who calls a radio show each morning to vent on the Eagles before praying to the almighty for a Sunday victory.

Thrash did not expect the film to end up with Philadelphia celebrating a championship. He knew  his story was not dependent on and Eagles victory, but held it was possible.

“I knew that the pieces were there, but being a Philadelphia sports fan I couldn’t have been more thinking that my heart will be broken just don’t know when,” Thrash said. “It was more like keeping my fingers crossed trying to be optimistic, but in the back of my mind thinking this isn’t going to work out but the bigger the stakes the bigger the collapse it could make for a good movie either way.”

Maybe Next Year debuts on November 10. Thrash would love the film to be well received, but already has gotten the ultimate prize.

“All my dreams have already been fulfilled the minute that they won,” Thrash said. “That being said hopefully it gives outsiders a true honest portrayal of what Philadelphia sports fandom looks like cause I think we get stigmatized by outside media in terms of they bring up past events but they don’t really understand where that passion comes from. If nothing else hopefully people can watch it and understand Eagles fans and sports fans in general on a human level.”