If this Jamie Benn video doesn’t make you cry nothing will

Jamie Benn’s private moment in the Stars locker room after their Stanley Cup Final loss is heartbreaking.

What does despair look like? The answer is might be encapsulated by Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars after his team’s Stanley Cup Final loss.

While the Tampa Bay Lightning were celebrating their Game 6 win and Stanley Cup triumph, Benn was sitting alone, in full dress, in the empty locker room, starring into the abyss that is defeat.

It’s a heartrending image captured by Stars’ producer Jeff Toates, who had the wherewithal to stick his GoPro on top of a whiteboard after the game.

There’s no sound and hardly any action, but the image of Benn sitting alone in front of a pile of discarded Stars jerseys says so very much.

Jamie Benn was visibly heartbroken when the Stars lost the Stanley Cup Final

The 31-year-old wing had eight goals and 11 assists in the playoffs as he captained the Stars past the Flames, Avalanche and Golden Knights en route to their first Stanley Cup Final appearance since 2000.

Even after he took off his uniform and got in front of the media, Benn struggled with his emotions.

That interview is hard enough to watch without knowing what came before.

Benn’s reaction was likely tied to his own misstep in Game 4. His penalty led to the game-winning goal on a power play.

However, Benn was far more important to the team than that one mistake. He helped rally the Stars despite a tumultuous start to their season and drove them through playoff series they weren’t expected to get through in the first place.

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That’s the problem with fairytale runs. When they come to an end they hurt all the more because of what could have been.

It’s hard to see past the broken dreams in the moment. We can only guess what was going through Benn’s head during that moment in the empty locker room, but the despair was apparent.