Aaron Rodgers’ Lambeau leap attempt didn’t go as planned (Video)

Aaron Rodgers scored his first rushing touchdown of the season, but his attempt at the famous Lambeau Leap is probably something he wishes he could try again. 

There are few things Aaron Rodgers isn’t able to impress us with. Can he toss the ball downfield better than just about every other quarterback in the league? Sure. And, he’s dazzled with his strong play throughout the year.

However, we may have finally found something that Rodgers need to seriously start working on. In the first half of the Packers showdown with the Jaguars, Rodgers got out of the pocket and broke free for his first rushing touchdown of the season.

Rodgers decided to celebrate in style, trying to show off his best rendition of the Lambeau Leap. Hey Mr. Rodgers, maybe we need to get some reps in working this celebration?


Aaron Rodgers’ attempt at the Lambeau Leap is something his teammates will surely make fun of him for

As of this writing, Rodgers is 16-of-20, for 200 yards and one passing touchdown, plus the rushing score.

He’s been sharp once again, with the only thing we have to knock him for is indeed that weak attempt at the Lambeau Leap. Fortunately for Rodgers, there were no fans in the stands to watch his disastrous effort. Still, thousands of folks are going to end up watching the clip, no doubt.

It’s probably the only thing Rodgers has done wrong on Sunday, as he and the Packers are looking to improve their record to 7-2 with a win against Jacksonville. Should Rodgers score again in the second half against the Jags, we’d highly recommend him going with his classic ‘discount double check’ instead of another Lambeau Leap. One rough try is more than enough.