Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins connect on insane Hail Mary (Video)

Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins took their connection to another level with a Hail Mary victory over the Bills. 

Let’s spare hyperbole, the Arizona Cardinals got exactly what they paid for on Sunday afternoon.

When the Cardinals pulled off a trade to land DeAndre Hopkins this offseason, the instant reaction was almost universal praise for what it would mean for Kliff Kingsbury’s Air Raid offense. More specifically, the addition of Hopkins doing wonders to the development of Kyler Murray was the most exciting part of the trade, but we could only imagine what that would look like.

On Sunday afternoon, we got a pretty striking image.

After the Buffalo Bills took a late lead with a Stefon Diggs touchdown, the Cardinals needed to use Kyler’s skills to march down the field and score a miracle touchdown. As is the case most of the time in backs-against-the-wall situations, the Cardinals needed a Hail Mary to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Usually, Hail Mary throws are a last resort that hardly ever work — until they do. That’s what happened, as Murray hooked up with Hopkins and put a nice W-shaped bow on top of the offseason trade.

Arizona traded for Hopkins with the big picture in mind, but think of this Hail Mary as part of the pixelation. It’s not incorrect to say that the Cardinals traded for Hopkins for this exact scenario because they traded for him to win games.  A Hail Mary is an extreme exaggeration of how games are won, but it’s poetry in motion that Murray and Hopkins — the future of the Cardinals and two of the most talented superstars in football — connected to win a huge statement game over an elite Super Bowl contender.

It’s not a mirage, things are looking different in the desert.