White Sox fan donates kidney to Cubs fan after social media plea

In this case, a crosstown rivalry between the Cubs and Sox went by the wayside in Chicago.

Baseball fans are baseball fans. Despite the team they support on the field, residents of the Windy City are there for each other above all else.

In May of 2019, Cubs fan Bridgett Kolls went to a game at Wrigley Field, holding up a sign that read “This Lil’ Cubbie Needs a Kidney.” Just below that was a number for fans to contact if they were interested in making a difference, and potentially saving a life.

Kolls’ plea worked, as documented on Good Morning America earlier this week.

White Sox fan Thomas Alessio contacted Kolls, and the rest was history. The two were a match for a donation, and Alessio followed through.

“Really, it was a reaction to seeing the sign,” Alessio said. “To me, I never had any second doubts. I was like ‘hey, this is what I’m doing,'”

The transplant was initially scheduled for March, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had to be rescheduled for July. All went according to plan, and Kolls has a new lease on life. She remains good friends with Alessio, and the two plan on attending a ballgame together once it’s safe to do so.

Kolls received a shoutout from Cubs slugger Ian Happ, who heard her story via the media.

“So happy to hear about your successful kidney transplant,” Happ said via video message. “It’s awesome. So happy for you. Let’s celebrate at Wrigley next year alright?”

Baseball is a beautiful game, but in this case those good graces go beyond the diamond.