This Cubs-Red Sox trade scenario would ship Kris Bryant up to Boston

Kris Bryant Credit: Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Kris Bryant Credit: Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

If the Boston Red Sox are still interested in trading for Kris Bryant, here’s a trade scenario that might work for both sides.

With the Chicago Cubs looking to cut costs and retool their lineup, this might be the offseason in which they trade Kris Bryant. There are a lot of teams that have been linked to the former NL Rookie of the Year, MVP, and World Series Champion, and it was reported earlier today that the Cubs discussed a deal with the Boston Red Sox this past summer.

Are the Red Sox still interested in Bryant? And if so, could the two sides come together on a deal?

Could a deal between the Cubs and Red Sox work?

Just like the Cubs, the Red Sox have a farm system that ranks in the lower third among MLB teams. Unless they’re willing to part with Jeter Downs (assuming the Cubs are even interested), they may have to get creative to come up with a potential trade package. So here’s a potential scenario that might work:

Red Sox get: Kris Bryant

Cubs get: Andrew Benintendi, Bryan Mata, Jeisson Rosario

Benintendi, formerly a top prospect, has fallen on hard times over the past couple of seasons and could certainly use a change of scenery. This might be an opportunity for that to happen. On the Cubs, he could slide into left field, which would either move Kyle Schwarber into the designated hitter slot (assuming the NL has one) or further justify trading Schwarber, if they’re serious about it.

Given that Bryant is the more established player, Mata and Rosario could balance out the deal. Mata has the potential to be a middle of the rotation starter or a closer, while Rosario is an outfielder who came over from the Padres in the Mitch Moreland trade earlier this year. Neither is a top prospect, though both have an intriguing upside.

The Cubs would save about $12 million in this deal, as Bryant figures to make over $18 million in 2020 while Benintendi will make $6.6 million. Bryant, meanwhile, would likely need to play left field in Boston, with Rafael Devers established at third base.

Given Bryant’s poor 2020 showing, it’s hard to assess exactly what he is worth on the trade market. However, a lot of people still believe that he can return to his pre-2020 form. In a trade like this, the Red Sox would be counting heavily on that. We’ll see if anything comes to fruition.

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