Why do the Detroit Lions always play on Thanksgiving?

With Thanksgiving Day here, the Detroit Lions will once again be able to catch their favorite football team in action. 

As you’re getting ready to loosen up your belt and make multiple trips to the kitchen for turkey and desserts this Thanksgiving, don’t forget that there’s also some NFL action for you to enjoy as well. Things will get started on Thursday with a tilt between the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions.

If you find yourself asking out loud why the Lions are once again playing on Thanksgiving, trust us when we say you’re not alone. So, what’s the reasoning for Detroit always taking the field on turkey day each campaign?

Here’s why the Detroit Lions play on Thanksgiving every single year

This all dates back to Thanksgiving in 1934, when the Lions first made their holiday appearance. That year, former team owner George A. Richards made the move to play on Thanksgiving in an attempt to try and attract more fans. That plan worked perfectly, as the Lions were able to sell out the stadium with ease.

After that, Richards knew he needed to keep the tradition going. Now, here were are in 2020 and the Lions are getting ready to take on the Houston Texans for some Thanksgiving pigskin. This time around, Matthew Stafford will look to power the Lions to a win over explosive signal-caller Deshaun Watson.

Unfortunately, both teams have struggled throughout the season, with Houston posting a lowly 3-7 record and Detroit checking in at 4-6.

Regardless, few things beat Thanksgiving football on the television in the living room and both teams will be ready to do whatever it takes to get a win. It goes without saying, but everyone in Detroit is hoping the team can deliver a big victory for them on Thursday.