No fun league strikes again with awful flag on Josh Allen (Video)

Josh Allen had some fun and the officials were having zero of it. 

The Buffalo Bills are looking to close up the AFC East division title for the first time since 1995. While they won’t be able to clinch against the Los Angeles Chargers, they can extend their lead over the Miami Dolphins.

Win or lose, Buffalo has improved on offense thanks to the progression of Josh Allen. The third-year pro is having a breakout season in Orchard Park and looks to  be the face of the team.

Naturally, the young player likes to have fun after scoring a touchdown. Unfortunately, the NFL doesn’t allow fun on monumental plays.

During the third quarter, Allen would beat a pair of Chargers’ defenders towards the pylon for a touchdown to give the Bills a 24-6 lead. After the play, Allen did his best spin move with the football to show a job well done.

Well, the referees didn’t like that, flagging him for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, tacking on 15 yards for the ensuing kickoff. Wouldn’t you know it, the Chargers would close in on the lead 10 plays later.

What is the NFL doing?

Allen is one of the few players that deserves to have a bit more fun in 2020 after his career start. Last season, the Bills quarterback was belittled once again due to his turnover problems even though the defense helped them reach the postseason.

Improving as a passer and looking like a legitimate franchise guy, a small ball spin isn’t hurting anyone is it? No, instead the NFL finds that wrong and thus gives the Chargers even better field position in a game that was getting out of hand.

Allen for the 15-of-20 passing with 102 yards, but his style points are at 100. Everyone loves the game and deserves praise for having fun. Instead, Allen will now have to be respectful when he does some great for a franchise that’s looking to end a curse.