Ball don’t lie: 3 worst calls from Week 12 in the NFL

Credit: Grant Halverson/Getty Images
Credit: Grant Halverson/Getty Images /
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Chicago Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

1. Mitchell Trubisky gets mauled

Trubisky and the Bears shoddy performance at Lambeau Field on Sunday night was among the worst we’ve seen in primetime this season. It ended any and all speculation as to if Trubisky can be the long-term answer at quarterback in the Windy City. I, for one, cannot imagine being a Mitchell Trubisky apologist. It sounds far more exhausting than hounding officials for each and every one of their blunders.

However, Trubisky was wronged early in the game on a play that pretty much cemented this contest’s status as a blowout.

Trubisky’s facemask was grabbed and twisted in a fairly obvious motion that just about any junior official can see with the benefit of replay. While it may have been tough tot notice live by the untrained eye, NFL officials are, well, trained. It was an egregious miss that quite literally put points on the board for the Packers and made an already-climbing deficit more insurmountable for a challenged offense.

Game, set, match. Packers+refs=victory.

Recap: Game-deciding calls are the worst in sports, and the toughest to make as well. This week featured none of those. However, taking points off the board — or in the Bears’ case awarding points to the opponent when they should not have counted — is a close second in my book. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the quality of officiating is deteriorating, but this season has exhausted everyone involved, including the zebras. A casual C for this week’s efforts. Let’s aim higher, kids.

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