Eric Bieniemy and John Dorsey want to team up this offseason to save a franchise

A strong pairing of Eric Bieniemy and John Dorsey may be coming to an NFL team this offseason.

Eric Bieniemy’s name has been atop the list of potential NFL head coaching candidates for several years. But he has still not been able to land one of those available jobs.

That may be changing this offseason, according to FanSided’s NFL Insider Matt Lombardo. Sources told him Bieniemy could be the head coach for a team that hires John Dorsey as general manager.

A Bieniemy-Dorsey power couple

Lombardo writes how Dorsey’s name is brought up as a top candidate for one of the open GM jobs around the league. He worked with Bieniemy during his time in Kansas City and went on to build up the Cleveland Browns from nothing. Dorsey ultimately lost his job in Cleveland because of the terrible decision to hire Freddie Kitchens as head coach.

The duo could come together to turn around a team like the Houston Texans. Or to bring stability to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who will also have a top draft pick in 2021.

Incidents from Bieniemy’s past may be what has held him back so far. Dorsey giving him a chance would mean he would go from a top candidate to actually getting a chance to prove himself. More time working under Andy Reid should have only helped him.

Dorsey has made a name for himself in building up both the Chiefs and the Browns. He was let go from both jobs, but the resume speaks for itself.

The best plan for a team seeking new management is to get a GM in place and then begin looking at head coaches. Dorsey can cut out the second process and bring the offensive coordinator from the top team in football with him. That is a tough offer for any team to turn down.