Victor Cruz compares Daniel Jones to Eli Manning, but wants Giants fans to stay patient

Daniel Jones has a believer in former Super Bowl champion wide receiver Victor Cruz, who even compared Jones to Eli Manning.

Daniel Jones has at least one thing in common with two-time Super Bowl-winning QB Eli Manning, according to former New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz — the off the field part.

“His demeanor and his way of handling the media and the New York market I think they found kind of a spitting image of Eli Manning,” Cruz said. “Eli never gave the media anything. He always stuck to football, stuck to what he knew, he always took the blame for losses whether it was his fault or not, it didn’t matter.”

Then there is the on-the-field part, where Jones still has a ways to go to be as capable as Manning. Jones has thrown more interceptions, nine, than touchdown passes, eight. His quarterback rating is near the bottom of the league, plus he has fumbled the football five times. Not good.

Cruz’s advice to New York Giants’s fans is to stay patient

“I think he (Jones) is still working at it,” Cruz said. “He understands keeping the ball, possession is key. When he doesn’t turn the ball over they don’t lose games. I think the skies the limit for him but obviously its been rough as any first couple of seasons for any quarterback is let alone in New York city. It’s been rough, but I think he has the demeanor and the discipline and the mindset to make it through and be successful.”

Jones has been missing from practice this week with a hamstring injury and will likely miss the Seattle game this weekend. Perhaps he can take the time off the field to reflect on how to limit those costly turnovers. Cruz sees a quarterback who can make some simple adjustments.

“A bulk of the fumbles is him not being aware of the pocket maybe rolling out this way or that way and someone swiping it or him not holding it high and tight,” Cruz said. “I think those are things that are correctable and I think he is starting to understand that and he is starting to make better decisions with the football.”

Cruz is also optimistic that the Giants can not only make the playoffs this year, but maybe stick around for a bit.

“I think the sky’s the limit,” Cruz said. “The defense is playing well and DJ obviously he is battling some injuries right now, but if he can get back at some point and play at a high level I think this team can make some noise.”

We can all use some optimism in 2020. Cheers.

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