DeMarcus Ware getting a fitness business boost from Jerry Jones

Former Dallas Cowboy DeMarcus Ware has a new fitness app out that shows you how to work out like a professional athlete. Ware got some help getting it off the ground from his long time ally Jerry Jones.

DeMarcus Ware famously would not have become a Dallas Cowboy without Jerry Jones. Then head coach Bill Parcells wanted to draft Marcus Spears 11th overall in the 2005 draft, but as was and is the case with Cowboys, Jones had final say and got what he wanted.

This one worked out great Jones has been advocating for DeMarcus Ware dating back to when the Cowboys selected Ware 11th overall in the 2005 draft. Jones famously made his wishes clear to Bill Parcells who wanted Marcus Spears. Jones won out as Jones normally does and in this case got it right.

Ware and Jones developed a relationship that continues to this day with Jones now giving Ware advice off the field. Ware has been working for three years developing his new fitness app Driven To Win (D2W) that gives you the keys to training like a professional athlete. Ware got some assistance from Jones along the way.

“We always talk business,” Ware said. “We talked about this app and fitness and things I should be doing after my career and he hooked me up with some amazing people that helped with this project. “You know how Jerry is. When you go by that star, when you see that star on television you are going to pay for it. Just teaching you the ins and outs of businesses what Jerry is very very known for. He helped me out a lot with his project.”

Ware came into the NFL out of Troy University, where he majored in computer science, as a “tweener.” Many doubted he would be able to succeed in the NFL at his weight. Ware took those concerns to heart and became a workout freak influenced by two key Cowboys early in his career including one Hall of Fame receiver.

“Terrell Owens and Larry Allen,” Ware said. “When I first got to the Cowboys those two guys I watched in the locker room cause Larry Allen was the strongest guy in the NFL at the time. To see those guys work in the weight room every single day it motivated me to do better and be a better player.”

Later in Ware’s career, he played with another receiver who just returned to Dallas last night in another uniform, Dez Bryant. Wade remembers a Bryant who was also committed during the week to being his best on Sunday.

“In the weight room he worked hard, on the field he worked hard during practice, but then it was on a whole nother level when he put the pads on,” Ware said. “That’s what you want, you want that gladiator who’s gonna be in that stadium with you fighting those battles, Dez was that guy. I’m glad he got another opportunity with the Ravens.”

Bryant did not play in the Ravens 34-17 win over Dallas after testing positive for COVID-19 30 minutes before game time. Bryant had been pulled from the field because of a couple of inconclusive tests earlier in the week. The Cowboys are now 3-9. Ware is looking ahead to a different 2021 in Dallas.

“Getting all the guys back this year is going to be the main thing,” Ware said. “A lot of guys got hurt this year from the offensive line with them being able to get everybody back I think this year needs to be that push. Covid, the pandemic, crushed the whole league. Now, how are you going to bounce back from this crazy season?”

Download the DeMarcus Ware Driven To Win (D2W) app in the App Store on your mobile device and visit for more information.