WWE TLC 2020 results: Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns retain titles

Drew McIntyre (Photo via WWE)
Drew McIntyre (Photo via WWE) /

2020 was brought to an end with another WWE Network PPV, this one featuring tables, ladders, chairs, title matches, and big returns.

WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs ended what has been a difficult but lucrative year for WWE. This event featured all the tables, ladders, and chairs that both wrestlers and fans could stand. With multiple title matches on the card tonight, there was a lot to look forward to at the start of the night and much of that was delivered upon by the end of the show.

The night started off with a tables, ladders, and chairs match for the WWE championship. Drew McIntyre was set to defend his title against AJ Styles, who also had his bodyguard, Omos on hand.

Styles started off the match quickly, targeted McIntyre’s legs but the champion turned the tables early using his power to stop all Styles’ momentum. It did not take long before the weapons were introduced, with both men using a chair to debilitate each other. Styles used the chair to attack McIntyre’s legs to weaken his ability to climb up the ladder.

The brutality continued as Styles used the ladder to slap on a calf slicer to the grounded McIntyre. When McIntyre got back to his feet Styles found himself in trouble, even getting bounced via suplex off a ladder that was set up in the corner. Styles attempted to climb the ladder but was caught by McIntyre who tossed him out of the ring and through a table outside the ring.

It looked like McIntyre was on his way to winning, but the Miz ran down to the ring and put McIntyre through a table in the ring. Before he could grab the belt, Omos made his way into the ring and tossed the Miz aside like a child. All three men ended up on the ladders, but each took a spill until only McIntyre was left in the ring. That gave him the opportunity to climb up and secure the title-winning the match and retaining his title.

Sasha Banks versus Carmella for the SmackDown women’s title was up next. Carmella got out to the early advantage with help from her assistant, Reginald. Banks fought back, landing high impact moves of her own on the challenger. The two women continued to trade offense, with neither of them able to stay on top for too long.

Banks and Carmella continued to exchange submission moves and pinning combinations, with both women nearly coming out of top. Banks hit the Banks Statement, but Reginald made the save once again, pulling Carmella out of the ring. Carmella landed two superkicks, rolled Banks back in but still could not get the win. It would be Banks who found a way to win, reversing another move into the Banks Statement for the second time, getting the submission.

The Raw tag team titles were up for grabs in the next match as the New Day defended against the Hurt Business. Cedric Alexander tried to get off to a fast start, but it backfired, running right into the New Day’s hands. The Hurt Business struggled to get out of the blocks while taking a lot of offense from the defending champions.

The Hurt Business did not stay down for long. Kofi Kingston fought back for his team, but he could not find the way to pin Alexander, who landed a nasty knee and brain buster combination. Benjamin laid Kingston out with a gut-wrench suplex from the top. Before he could make the pin, Alexander tagged in and hit the Lumbar Check, pinning Kingston to take the tag team titles.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were out next to defend the women’s tag team titles. Asuka was one-half of the challenging team, but the surprise would be Charlotte Flair returning for the first time in months.

Asuka started out the match against Baszler and the two went right to the mat. It was a quick moment before Charlotte tagged in to face Baszler. Flair and Jax had their moments as well before things got back to Baszler and Asuka fighting it out.

Flair had the Figure-Eight locked in but Jax made the save. Before Baszler could recover, she would eat the Natural Selection, opening the door for Flair to make the pin, crowning her and Asuka the WWE women’s champions.

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens heated rivalry devolved into a fight at WWE TLC. Owens attacked Reigns during his ring entrance, trying to take the champion out early. Jey Uso attempted to get involved, but Owens had a steel chair waiting, decimating the former tag team champion outside the ring. Reigns used that moment to land a nasty drop kick on Owens to take over the match.

The brutality picked up from there, with Reigns using whatever he could get his hands on to beat Owens into the mat. Owens was game to play in that space as well, slamming chairs into Reigns body. Even landing a fisherman’s buster through one of the chairs. Uso would come back to try to distract Owens again, but he would get put through the table for his efforts.

Reigns would batter Owens all around the ring, putting him through anything that was found in the arena. For a moment it looked like Owens was going to make it to the top of the ladder after Reigns slammed through the barricade, but the champion would not stay down. Reigns locked in the guillotine choke on the top of the ladder, choking Owens out. He would grab onto the belt and win the match to retain his status as champion.

The first-ever Firefly Inferno Match was the main event of the evening. Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton had to set each other on fire to win this match. The two started battling in the ring, but once the Fiend summoned the flames the battle ended up on the floor, close to the fire.

This match included things that have never been seen in a WWE event. The Fiend attacked Orton with a pickaxe, then tried to set Orton on fire in a rocking chair. Orton broke out an axe handle and a chain to fight back. The end of the match came when the Fiend attempted to push Orton into flames, but Orton reversed it, lighting the Fiend’s back on fire. Orton would then hit an RKO to bring about an end to the battle.

WWE TLC Results

  • Drew McIntyre defeats AJ Styles and the Miz to retain the WWE championship
  • Sasha Banks defeated Carmella via submission to retain the SmackDown women’s title
  • The Hurt Business defeated the New Day to become the Raw tag team champions
  • Asuka and Charlotte Flair defeated Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler via pinfall to win the tag team titles
  • Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens to retain WWE Universal championship
  • Randy Orton defeated the Fiend in a Firefly Inferno Match