3 things Tottenham must do to unlock Gareth Bale

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Gareth Bale’s return to Tottenham hasn’t paid dividends yet for Spurs. Here are 3 things Jose Mourinho must do to get the Welshman going.

Tottenham suddenly find themselves struggling which means they need a boost from Gareth Bale more than ever. If the Welsh Wizard is going to start casting spells for Spurs once again, he needs a bit of help from Jose Mourinho.

Bale clearly isn’t the same dominant player he was during his first tenure with the club. The elite pace that allowed him to blow past opposing defenders is gone. Now he must achieve results with a healthy combination of world-class skill on the ball and guile. In short, Bale needs to be a cog in the Tottenham machine rather than the star that carries the club.

If Spurs want to get back into the title race they need Bale to get back to his best. Here are three things the club must do to get him going.

3. Give Gareth Bale a run of games

The first thing Bale desperately needs is a regular run of games to find his footing. Mourinho has understandably tried to slowly bed him into the squad to help his body get up to speed. It’s time for the Tottenham boss to take the training wheels off his veteran attacker.

That means Bale must get a chance to start multiple Premier League games in a row. The festive period provides Mourinho a perfect opportunity to give the Welshman that sort of opportunity. Upcoming fixtures against Wolves, Fulham, and Leeds could provide Bale just the run-up he needs to shake off all the rust in his game.

Admittedly, Bale’s current form might not merit a regular place in Spurs’ starting XI. This is a move designed to raise the ceiling of Tottenham’s starting group. Bale needs to be given an opportunity to work through his current issues in meaningful games for the club.

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