Lane Taylor delivering meals to the less fortunate is amazing to see (Video)

This holiday season, Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Lane Taylor helped prepare meals and delivered them to the less fortunate. 

The Green Bay Packers continue to dominate this season and look to land the No. 1 seed in the NFC for the postseason. But the players on their roster are also making some big-time plays off the field.

Take Lane Taylor for example. The offensive lineman could be lounging on his couch and relaxing this holiday season, but he’s been busy at work instead. The guard has been cooking meals and delivering them to the less fortunate this Christmas. What an incredible gesture.

Lane Taylor delivering meals to the less fortunate is incredible to see

Unfortunately for Taylor, he suffered a knee injury early on this campaign and is out for the 2020 season. While he hasn’t been able to play, Taylor said he’s strengthened his passion for cooking and has used the extra time to feed the needy.

Taylor fed more than 100 people over Thanksgiving and decided to do more of the same this Christmas. This just goes to show how much Taylor cares about his community. While he could be down in the dumps that he’s not able to help the Packers push for another Super Bowl, he’s staying positive and helping others instead.

Taylor of course is no stranger to serious injuries, as he missed most of 2019 with a biceps injury. He worked his tail off to bounce back and earn a starting role this campaign. Unfortunately, he suffered his knee injury and will have to wait until next year to get back on the gridiron.

Fans everywhere are rooting for Taylor to come back even stronger next fall. After seeing the video of him delivering meals this Christmas, you better believe he’ll have even more folks in his corner.