Stephen Curry is a machine programmed to drain 3’s (Video)

Stephen Curry is a 3-point shooting maven for the Golden State Warriors.

If you put Stephen Curry behind the 3-point line for the Golden State Warriors, he will not miss.

Though we have known this for a while now, we have all the proof we need at this juncture. Curry is a basketball-shooting cyborg sent back in time to make all the 3’s in the history of the world. He is programmed to make every bucket, using “practice” time at the Warriors’ team facility to show off. For five minutes, Curry does not miss from the corner. How is this even remotely possible?

Get ready for the Stephen Curry comeback season

2019-20 was a frustrating year for Golden State. Smart forward Kevin Durant left them in free agency, as well as Curry and shooting guard Klay Thompson suffered brutal injuries, resulting in only 10 games played between then a year ago. Golden State was so bad the Warriors did not even get to go to the NBA bubble. Look for a healthy Curry to bring Golden State back alive.

While the Warriors are no longer NBA Finals favorites, there is a great chance Curry can help get his team back to the Western Conference Playoffs. From there, it is all about the matchups. Curry and his team has ample postseason experience, and that will matter going up against many up-and-coming teams in their basketball conference. When Curry shoots, he does not miss.

Try not to be mesmerized by all these drained 3’s by Curry in this unbelievable video.