Blake Snell trade stuns Twitter as Padres (and Yankees) rejoice

The Padres got Blake Snell in a huge trade from the Tampa Bay Rays, which had Baseball Twitter, particularly Yankees fans, celebrating.

The stove was extremely hot on Sunday night as news broke of Blake Snell’s trade from the Rays to the Padres.

The deal will have Snell head to San Diego while top prospect Luis Patiño, pitcher Cole Wilcox, and catchers Francisco Mejia and Blake Hunt go to Tampa Bay.

When a Cy Young winner at Snell’s age of 28 gets dealt, it’s an earth-shaking move.

Blake Snell’s trade was met with excitement, uncertainty and jokes

Tony Gwynn Jr., a broadcaster for the team and the son of the late Padres legend Tony Gwynn, spoke for San Diego fans everywhere.

If your first reaction was to crack a joke about the Rays’ usage (or misusage) of Snell in the World Series, you’re not alone.

There was also genuine excitement for Snell joining an already fun roster in San Diego.

The Padres now have an unbelievable rotation to work with.

That’s not to say there aren’t some out there betting on the Rays in all this.

After all, Tampa Bay is stocking up on some seriously talented prospects.

If nothing else, batters in the AL can now breathe a big sigh of relief.

The Yankees should be especially pleased to see another pain in their backside head across the country.

Snell was an All-Star in 2018, when he took home the AL Cy Young award. In 2020 he had an ERA of 3.24 while going 4-2 in the shortened season. He has a career postseason ERA of 2.83 with a record of 2-3.

Who will ultimately come out on top in this blockbuster trade? Only time will tell.