Patrick Mahomes is great, but he’s playing with fire this season

Patrick Mahomes is in the middle of another brilliant year, but opposing defenses have dropped an insane amount of would-be interceptions against him. 

It’s been another incredible season for the Kansas City Chiefs, as the reigning Super Bowl champions are poised to repeat and go back-to-back. Entering Week 17 at 14-1, the Chiefs sure have Patrick Mahomes to thank for what’s been a brilliant 2020 thus far.

As good as Mahomes has been, though, there’s no denying the superstar signal-caller has also been pretty darn lucky to only have thrown for six interceptions this season. That’s because Mahomes has had a high number of throws luckily not been picked off. Matter of fact, there’s been 16 instances, a new record, that he should have been picked.

Patrick Mahomes surely needs to be more careful with the football in the postseason

If you just look at the stats, Mahomes’ six interceptions would normally be nothing to worry about. However, after watching that clip above, even the biggest of Mahomes’ supporters have to admit he needs to do a better job of protecting the football.

What in the world was he thinking on some of those throws? Mahomes is known for recording some unreal plays with his rocket for a right arm, but too many of the passes from that video show him making some concerning decisions, particularly on the run.

He’s most certainly been playing with fire throughout the season, and while he’s been able to get away with it, opposing defenses will most certainly be ready to make him play once the playoffs get here. While Chiefs fans will continue to want to see Mahomes fire the ball downfield and take some risks, he’s also got to be smarter, plain and simple.