NBA Twitter had jokes for Miami Heat’s acid trip ‘Vice Versa’ court

Mandatory Credit: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports /

It may take your eyes a minute to adjust to the Miami Heat’s Vice Versa uniforms and court.

By and large, the Miami Heat have had the best City Edition uniforms over the last few years with their Miami Vice-style jerseys. Each year since they first debuted, they’ve changed up the color, and it’s worked each and every time, whether the base color was white, light blue, black or even pink.

This year, however, the Heat took things a step further, introducing a blue and pink swirl that you either loved or hated right away. It was like a GoGurt dipped in cotton candy being hypnotically waved in front of the face of someone on acid, which is either a compliment or a scathing review depending on your opinion of the new “Vice Versa” jerseys.

On Monday, the Heat debuted these uniforms at home, with a custom home court to really accentuate the jerseys. The result was … well, it may take your eyes to adjust to this brief clip, let alone an entire 48-minute NBA game.

NBA Twitter had jokes for the Miami Heat’s new uniforms

In person, those vivid colors might not clash as much, but that doesn’t really do anyone much good in the middle of a global pandemic when fans aren’t filling up arenas anymore. The uniforms themselves are gorgeous:

But pair them with the court, and it became a different story.

On TV, the blend of bright hues were enough to induce a headache in just a few minutes, and NBA Twitter didn’t hold back with its criticism — or jokes — as everyone’s eyes struggled to adjust:

Let’s all hope the day will soon arrive when it will be safe for fans to attend games again so they can witness these unis and court in person. Because until then, we’re all going to need some Excedrin just to make it through these Heat games on our screens.

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