Deshaun Watson “extremely unhappy” with Texans hire of Nick Caserio

Deshaun Watson is reportedly none too pleased about how the Houston Texans handled their general manager search.

On Tuesday night, the Houston Texans made a splash on the front office front. Three months after firing Bill O’Brien, the Texans signed New England Patriots’ director of player personnel Nick Caserio to become their new general manager. It was a big splash hire, but all the attention went to quarterback Deshaun Watson, who tweeted out that “some things never change.” We now have reasoning behind said tweet.

According to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, Watson is “extremely unhappy” with the organization after owner Cal McNair promised the quarterback that he’d be involved in the general manager and head coaching search this offseason. However, Watson was never asked his opinion about hiring Caserio.

Rapoport noted that Watson’s frustration has nothing to do with Caserio, but how the process went down.

Texans didn’t even consider any of Watson’s GM choices

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Watson provided his choices to fill the general manager vacancy and suggested they speak with them. Watson reportedly didn’t expect the Texans would hire any of them, but he expected the organization would at least respect the choices that he and his teammates were presenting to them.

However, the Texans didn’t even consider or consult any of the potential executives on his list. They were all-in on hiring Caserio, a man they pursued back in 2019 but had to withdraw after the Patriots filed tampering charges. And to make matters worse, Watson found out about the hire on social media, just like the rest of us. Yikes.

It’s certainly not a wise strategy to upset the face of the franchise, who just so happened to sign a four-year, $156 million contract a few months ago. After the Caserio hire, there were rumors circulating that Watson could demand a trade this offseason.

Caserio already had a tall task at hand as Texans general manager. He’s taking over a team that finished with the third-worst record in the league that won’t have their first- or second-round picks in the upcoming NFL Draft. Now, Caserio will have to try and sooth over this deteriorating relationship between Watson and the Texans.