Twitter reacts to horrible blown call in Colts vs. Bills game

Zach Pascal, Indianapolis Colts. (Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)
Zach Pascal, Indianapolis Colts. (Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports) /

Twitter and everyone who watch saw the referees screw the Buffalo Bills in real time.

The Buffalo Bills were nearly ruined by the officials when the zebras decided to let the Indianapolis Colts keep the football late in the fourth quarter.

Colts wide receiver Zach Pascal clearly fumbled the football after not being downed by the Buffalo defense. He had the ball ripped out while he was trying to fight for extra yardage. Buffalo recovered the fumble, but the referees were blind and made one of the most egregious officiating errors you will ever see. How did no one in New York do the right thing and overturn this?

This has to be one of the worst blown calls in the NFL playoff history

This was not one of those plays where it was up for discussion. The fumble was obvious, as was the clear recovery by the Buffalo defense.

Indianapolis would keep possession, leading to a Philip Rivers failed Hail Mary as time expired. Buffalo held on to beat the Colts 27-24 to advance to the AFC Divisional round.

Perhaps the officials did not want to see Rivers’ illustrious playing career end on a play like that?

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What the case was, the NFL officials cannot look themselves in the mirror and say the did a good job after this botch-job of a blow call.

Then again, this is same officiating crew that thought Rivers completed a pass down the sidelines that T.Y. Hilton did not catch, as well as an interception in the end zone by the Colts defense that thankfully was overturned. This was a bad day for the zebras.

How can anybody miss a call this egregious and feel good about themselves?