Bret Michaels Poisoned the Steelers with this failed hype video

Bret Michaels and the Pittsburgh Steelers are having nothin’ but a bad time tonight.

When the lead singer of Poison Bret Michaels helicopters his Terrible Towel overhead ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers‘ first playoff game in three years, you just knew no fallen angel could ever save them from their horrible postseason fate.

Well, Look What the Cat Dragged In…

The Western Pennsylvania native and Steelers diehard is on the precipice of suffering one of the worst playoff losses of his lifetime. We all need something to believe in, but as he penned back in 1988, every rose has its thorn. You know what team was good back when that song went to No. 1? The Cleveland Browns, the same team who is wiping the floor with Michaels’ Terrible Towel.

This is going to end more poorly than someone being sent home on Rock of Love

While there is enough time to turn this bad boy around, Bubby Brister ain’t walking through that door. Antwaan Randle El ain’t walking through that door. And we know for damn sure that C.C. DeVille ain’t walking through that door, guitar a-blazing and ripping through Talk Dirty to Me’s iconic intro riff. We have not been this disappointed since VH1’s Rock of Love Bus debuted in 2009.

Have we seen teams blow big leads in the postseason before? Sure, just ask 2016 Atlanta Falcons and the 2019 Houston Texans about that. You could try to ask the 1992 Houston Oilers about that too, but that franchise does not even exist anymore. Regardless, this game is going in the wrong direction for the Steelers. Is Michaels’ eyeliner running down his face from all the tears?

Browns fans will never let the Steelers hear the end of this if they do pull off this upset.