Cordarrelle Patterson drops f-bomb on Nickelodeon (Video)

Cordarrelle Patterson lets out a loud f-bomb during the middle of the Nickelodeon telecast.

Chicago Bears return specialist Cordarrelle Patterson let out four letters you cannot say on live television, especially on a broadcast meant for kids. . .on Nickelodeon.

While everybody seems to love having the Bears vs. the New Orleans Saints game being shown on Nickelodeon, you know, for the kids, you have to be kidding yourself if you did not think a Bears or a Saints player would be caught on a hot mic yelling out an expletive. This game is playing in front of a reduced capacity crowd, so the microphone picks up seemingly everything. Way to go…

This is Nickelodeon television executives’ worst flipping nightmare

Who are SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star going to explain this? Our favorite nautical buddies from Bikini Bottom may not be able to. Just let Nate Burleson in the Nickelodeon booth say this was part of the reason Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky got “grounded.” Okay, not really, but we have to explain to kids to not say that word before they turn a certain age.

If Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers or Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr can go seemingly their whole lives without swearing, it is indeed possible. Patterson may end up getting his mouth washed with red soap like Ralphie Parker did in the holiday classic, A Christmas Story. This kid may not shoot his eye out, but expect the league to fine him by way of bunny pajamas.

Fudge, horsefeathers, gosh darn it, drat are the preferred vernacular for Nickelodeon dismay.