LeBron James has hilarious reaction to playing for another 10 years (Video)

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images /

LeBron James is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, but the finish line is in sight. 

No athlete ever really wants to hang it up. But no one can play forever, not even the absolute monolithic superstars that grace whatever sport they dominate throughout their careers.

LeBron James’ career will one day be spoken about in the past tense. Rather than leading the charge on the court, he’ll be in street clothes sitting court side with his family and friends cheering like the thousands of other fans sitting behind him.

LeBron James, a famous face but still just a face in the crowd.

That won’t be happening any time soon, though. The inevitability of mortality comes for us all, but we can table our existential dread for at least another handful of years.

How many years doesn’t seem to be entirely up to LeBron.

Will LeBron James play another 10 years in the NBA?

“I don’t think I can go to 46, and I also don’t think my wife would like that,” LeBron joked when asked about how well he’s performing at such an advanced age.

“We‘ll see what happens.”


LeBron was answering a question about whether he thought he’d be producing at such a high level ten years ago. It’s something no one really considered in the moment because why would we? LeBron was entering the prime of his career a decade ago, and nothing is more intoxicating than injecting Prime Of Life directly into our veins.

But if the early 2010s Heatles era was LeBron’s Goodfellas, there will inevitably come his The Irishman phase where upon athletic mortality is reflected upon.

Thankfully, and perhaps miraculously, we still appear to be in the middle of LeBron’s story.