Aaron Rodgers’ reaction to having Packers fans at Lambeau Field is awesome

While Lambeau Field isn’t able to hold fans at full capacity, you can tell just how much it means to Aaron Rodgers having at least some folks inside Lambeau Field. 

The Green Bay Packers are looking unstoppable right now. In the win over the LA Rams in the Divisional Round, the Packers offense looked superb, with Aaron Rodgers playing like he has been all year: fantastic.

What made Saturday’s win over the Rams even more special was that more than 8,000 fans were able to make their way inside Lambeau Field to watch the action. While it’s not a packed house, Rodgers made it quite clear how much the support from the fans inside the stadium means to him.

Aaron Rodgers couldn’t be happier to have fans back inside Lambeau Field

It’s hard to see Rodgers’ “pure joy” quote and not get a bit emotional if you’re a Packers fans. The past year has been such a nightmare due to the coronavirus pandemic, but with the proper safety measures being taken, more and more supporters have been able to head to Lambeau.

Per Ian Rapoport, the same number of fans from the Divisional Round will be allowed inside the stadium for the NFC Championship Game. Again, it won’t be a sellout, but that’s still a decent amount of people who will be ready to scream their heads off to support Rodgers and Green Bay.

This team really looks like a threat to win the Super Bowl this season, and Rodgers is the main reason why. He’s slicing up opposing defenses, with Davante Adams also looking like the best wide receiver in the game. It’s been a memorable postseason already for Green Bay, but it’s looking like more great memories for cheeseheads everywhere are on the way.