7 college football fan bases living in the past

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Tennessee Volunteers

Tennessee Volunteers. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

You know who you are, but there are some college football fan bases who are living in the past.

We all became college football fans for a reason, but sometimes you just have to let the past be the past.

Whether your beloved alma mater cannot get the head coach right or the biggest, baddest bully in your conference got theirs right and there is nothing you can do about it, fan bases of teams longing for yesteryear are ever-present. Sure, their passion is unrivaled, but sometimes it can be channeled in a time that either pre-dates Twitter or maybe even the internet for all we know.

These college football fans are stuck in the past

Florida State Seminoles
ACC Atlantic

It has been almost a decade since the Florida State Seminoles last won a national title. Jameis Winston was a redshirt freshman in that magic 2013 college season, culminating in the final national championship of the BCS era. In the years to follow, Florida State lost in the inaugural College Football Playoff and is now on its second full-time head coach since Jimbo Fisher left.

While the Clemson Tigers have dominated the ACC in the years since the Seminoles’ demise, we are left wondering if, or even when, Mike Norvell rights the ship in Tallahassee. Though Florida State is not as hopelessly stuck on yesteryear as some of these other college football blue-bloods, we cannot recall the Seminoles being this irrelevant in the college landscape for this painfully long.

Texas Longhorns
Big 12

The longest running joke of the College Football Playoff era has been this one rhetorical question: Is Texas back? No, the Texas Longhorns are not back and have not been back since falling to the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2010 BCS National Championship game. Despite being the flagship university in a state absolutely dripping with football talent, Texas has not won the Big 12 since.

What keeps Texas fans from being as desperate as others on this list is that they are ripping through coaches at an alarming rate. The incoming Steve Sarkisian is the third Texas head coach since Mack Brown was shown the door. Texas may have won a Sugar Bowl that one time, but the Longhorns need to start pulling their weight in the Big 12 again here soon. 2005 was so long ago.

Tennessee Volunteers
SEC East

Welcome to the biggest grease fire in the Power 5. No program is longing for the latter years of the Bill Clinton Administration more than the Tennessee Volunteers. Since firing former head coach turned on-the-way out athletic director Phillip Fulmer, Tennessee has not even won the SEC East. They are about to hire their fifth head coach since Fulmer’s canning at the end of 2008.

When the only coach to last more than three years since Fulmer was the redundant cliche machine known as Butch Jones, you better believe all of Rocky Top is living in the past. But with the white knight Peyton Manning and the trusty Haslam Brothers here to save the day, Tennessee may soon stop living in the past. That is, unless they hire Jason Witten. Then they will embody it.

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