Full details of George Springer’s Blue Jays contract revealed

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 16: George Springer #4 of the Houston Astros (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 16: George Springer #4 of the Houston Astros (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

The Blue Jays paid up for George Springer. Is he worth the price tag?

Springer is on the other side of 30, though currently ranks as one of the best outfielders in all of baseball. Were his age decreased just a few short years, this wouldn’t even be considered an issue.

Yet, Springer’s contract with the Toronto Blue Jays — their marquee signing this offseason — will pay him until 2026. The money involved looks like a relative bargain for the few first seasons of the deal, but the overall success of it will depend on how Springer plays when he’s 35 and up.

The Blue Jays have had a tough time luring free agents to Toronto, so this is already seen as a win for the franchise moving forward. However, they had to give in to Springer’s demands to make it happen, including a partial no-trade clause, and incentives thrown in.

Springer will now be at the center of a Blue Jays team ready to win now

The Astros did not make a serious push to sign Springer, as they deemed the financial constrains and age concerns far too great to give in to the eventual price tag. It was clear from the beginning that the Jays were going to pay up for at least one of the top free agents on the market, the fact that it happened to be Springer merely highlights that the Astros were right to stay out given their concerns.

The Mets and even Braves were in on Springer’s services, with Atlanta viewing him as a Marcell Ozuna replacement. New York now must turn elsewhere for outfield help, which remains a need.

With the addition of Springer, the Blue Jays have arguably the best lineup in the American League.

Financial concerns be damned. Toronto is ready to win, and Springer provides their quickest path to that goal.

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