Kyrie Irving has message for Brooklyn Nets haters on Instagram

Kyrie Irving isn’t doubting his team’s chances after a rough start to the Nets Big-3 era

Irving and the Nets have struggled in their two games together as the Big 3, especially defensively. While Kevin Durant and Steve Nash have preached patience, losing two straight games to the team that drafted him can’t feel good for Kyrie, especially when the Nets have a vastly superior roster.

The look of said scorelines would suggest otherwise, with the Nets giving up scoring totals in the 140’s (2OT) and 120’s in back-to-back games. And since Brooklyn acquired James Harden in the first place, they’ve been unable to put together a cohesive stretch defensively.

Yet, Irving doesn’t think there’s any reason to panic. In fact, he remains motivated to prove all doubters in the Nets roster construction wrong.

Is Irving right not to panic?

Yes and no. It’s only been a few games, so odds are he, Harden and Durant will gel more with time, especially offensively. As young and gifted as Collin Sexton and the Cavs are, they shouldn’t and won’t be able to compete when this team is at full strength, and firing on all cylinders.

Yet, against the top teams in the East and the Lakers and Clippers out West, the Nets will have to establish some form of defensive presence, especially in the playoffs. One would assume that as the intensity increases, the defense will improve, but until we witness that first-hand it’s fair to question if it’s there at all.

Simply pairing three stars on the same roster doesn’t automatically make a team a title contender. Camaraderie must be formed with the rest of the team, and their depth specifically will be tested in the months to come.

Kyrie is smart to keep the mood up, but the Nets do have questions to answer long-term.