Should the Buffalo Bills trade Josh Allen for Deshaun Watson?

Should the Buffalo Bills entertain the idea of trading Josh Allen for Deshaun Watson?

The Deshaun Watson trade sweepstakes is the story of the NFL right now, even with the Super Bowl one week away. Nearly every team in the league can make a case to at least give the Houston Texans a phone call and discuss a trade.

Buffalo Bills fans may be wondering if general manager Brandon Beane would make such a call. The team just went to the AFC Championship Game and Josh Allen should finish well within the top-five of NFL MVP voting. Should the Bills consider a swap of Allen for Watson?

Bills seem content with Allen

The Texans are reportedly asking for three first-round picks as a starting point. If the Bills called with an offer of Allen and maybe only one or two picks, Houston would and should decline the offer.

Allen has become the guy for a franchise that’s been seeking a franchise quarterback since the departure of Jim Kelly. The organization has undergone a total rebuild and it would go against the team’s entire philosophy to swap out Allen after he took the team deep into the postseason in only his third season.

The Bills are also reportedly ready to reward Allen with a new mega-deal, so Watson demanding a trade won’t change that.

Allen threw 10 touchdowns as a rookie, followed by 20 in 2019 and 37 in 2020. He is progressing each and every year, and the Bills want to keep him in town indefinitely. This puts them on the shortlist of teams who don’t have to consider a Watson deal to improve their chances of winning.

Sean McDermott routinely discusses his team’s culture and Allen is a huge part of that. Even if Watson is seen as a better player, making such a trade could derail everything the team has built over the last four years.