Trae Young commits his most egregious flop yet (Video)

Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

Trae Young, notorious for flopping to get calls, is at it again.

Luka Doncic vs Trae Young is the marquee matchup of the NBA’s Wednesday night early slate of games, and despite some stellar play from both stars, the Oklahoma product has been called out for his acting skills. Young is a magician with the basketball, but when he was doubled by Jalen Brunson and Josh Richardson, even he could not escape their clutches without a little help from the officials.

Young merely falls to the court here, landing on the basketball in the process. Shocked by the concept of Young potentially losing his dribble in a non-contact situation, the refs bailed him out.

Needless to say the Mavs weren’t please.

Doncic and Young will be compared for the rest of their careers

Selected in the same NBA Draft, and even traded for one another in that showcase of young talent, both Young and Doncic have lived up to the hype. Luka, however, appears to be the gem of the 2017 NBA Draft class, while Young is still fulfilling his All-Star potential.

The Hawks have committed to building around Young, and hope to make a playoff push in the East this season. The Mavs, meanwhile, are perhaps a step ahead with their young International star.

Expect these two to battle it out for bragging rights for years to come.

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