Malcolm Jenkins weighs in on Drew Brees retirement decision

Malcolm Jenkins sheds some light on what might be going on with Drew Brees and his decision to retire.

As the football world waits for a decision on whether or not we’ve seen Drew Brees play his last down, everyone is looking for insight.

It’s been three weeks since Brees hobbled off the field in New Orleans after being defeated by the Buccaneers in the NFC Divisional Round, but it’s been radio silence as far as what the future holds. Before that game, reports were that Brees would be retiring at the end of the season — one that the Saints imagined would be after a Super Bowl victory.

Riding off into the sunset a champion is idealistic, as most careers come to a quiet end no matter how loud the legacy is.

Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins isn’t speculating or claiming to have inside information, rather he’s offering up some perspective as we all await a decision from Brees.

Drew Brees retirement: Malcolm Jenkins offers some important perspective

“What I have seen and I can understand, is that Drew’s body is getting tougher and tougher for him to finish these seasons,” Jenkins said on The Rich Eisen Show. “When you get older as a player in this league, you really just are here for Sundays. It’s not the offseason, it’s not the training, it’s not the practice, you are here to compete on Sundays because that’s what we love to do as players.”

It all seems obvious, but there’s a nuance to it that goes beyond the Father Time cliche.

Jenkins pointed out that Brees spent most of this season in rehab or on the sideline, which is not where any player wants to be let alone one with as little time left as Brees. The reason for that rehab is another major factor, which is Brees suffered the kinds of injuries you’d get in a serious car accident after getting sacked back in November.

Brees retiring would be the end of an era in New Orleans. He wouldn’t be riding off into the sunset the way Saints fans were hoping. But given everything he put his body through only to fall short of the ultimate goal, no one would hold it against him if this truly ends up being it.