Is this the worst shot of LeBron James’ career? (VIDEO)

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Even the incredible LeBron James misses a shot now and again. Sometimes he even misses everything. You can be the GOAT and still shoot an airball.

LeBron James has scored nearly 35,000 points in his career and it’s taken him plenty of shots to do it — just over 25,000 from the field and more than 10,000 from the free-throw line. But you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, just like you can’t become one of the most prolific scorers in NBA history without missing a few shots.

In his regular-season career, LeBron has missed more than 12,000 from the field and another 2,500 from the free-throw line. But I’m not sure he’s ever missed as badly as he did from the free-throw line in Thursday night’s win over the Denver Nuggets. Maybe make sure your kids aren’t in the room before you hit play.

Has LeBron ever shot an airball before?

Airballs are obviously not a tracked statistic so it’s impossible to figure out exactly how many, if any, of his previous misses have been airballs. But last night certainly wasn’t the first time. He airballed a free-throw against the Mavericks about a month ago, and as of two years ago there had been enough free-throw airballs to fill a 69-second blooper reel.

If anything, this should all be inspiring. A reminder that you can rise to the absolute pinnacle of your field, succeed at the highest level, overcome insurmountable odds and still have moments of utter and complete failure. You or I will probably never be as good at anything as LeBron is at basketball but whatever we’re trying we’re still going occasionally miss everything.

On a related note, LeBron finished the game with a 27-point triple-double and the Lakers won by 21 points, keeping pace with the Clippers and Jazz at the top of the Western Conference.

Pobody’s nerfect?

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