Tom Brady stunted on everybody at Buccaneers Super Bowl parade in new $2 million boat (Video)

Tom Brady has never celebrated a Super Bowl like he did his first with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Life is good for Tom Brady.

Brady is days removed from winning his seventh Super Bowl, which is more than any other organization can claim, and he’s left no doubt about who the most accomplished NFL player of all time is.

When it came time to celebrate his seventh title, he had to do it in a big way, and in a way that he never could during his epic run with the New England Patriots.

During Wednesday’s Super Bowl boat parade, Brady showed up in style. The seven-time Super Bowl winner stunted on everybody with his brand new $2 million boat being the envy of everyone in and out the water that day.

Tom Brady is living his best life

It’s not enough that Brady is ridiculously talented, has GQ good looks and is married to a supermodel. He’s also super-rich and can afford to drop a couple of million bucks on a new boat.

For those who thought Brady was going to Tampa Bay to cash in one last time after his split with the Patriots and didn’t have much left in him, they sure do look foolish now.

Brady may have a few more good years left in him after outdueling Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees in the postseason. While everyone else looks vulnerable, Brady continues to look invincible.