Charles Barkley really did the Silhouette Challenge (Video)

Inside the NBA analyst Charles Barkley decided to take part in the Silhouette Challenge on Thursday.

If there is NBA action set to broadcast on the TNT network, you are guaranteed to let out some laughs courtesy of the Inside the NBA crew. In the process of receiving (occasionally) insightful basketball analysis, you will get to see the likes of Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal trade verbal barbs from across the desk and crack jokes.

Last week, the crew discussed Barkley potentially participating in the latest social media craze, the Silhouette Challenge. On Thursday, Barkley decided to give his colleagues a show and went through with the challenge, complete with a doorway and red lights. After doing so, Barkley provided some unwanted and unasked-for information.

Barkley takes part in social media trend

That’s right, Barkley let his colleagues and the millions of viewers at home know that he has been going commando for 20 years. Did we want to know that information? No! Channing Frye, filling in for Kenny “The Jet” Smith, could not help but laugh when hearing that absurd statement.

This was not the only social media trend the crew participated in on Thursday, as they had some fun with camera filters. In a little less than two minutes, Barkley was portrayed as a talking cat, horse and quarter-eaten donut!

Barkley provided us all with some much-needed laughs. But those commando comments are going to stick with some viewers for quite some time.