Johnny Manziel proves he hasn’t changed a bit after first professional game in ages

Johnny Manziel is back as part of Fan Controlled Football and is already proving he hasn’t changed one bit.

Johnny Manziel is playing professional football once again.

The fact this statement is being made in February takes away any potential shock of him making an NFL return. No, Manziel is back as part of the Fan Controlled Football league and made his debut Saturday night with the Zappers. His team fell in a close game, but Manziel gave a perfect quote following the loss that proves he hasn’t changed one bit.

Manziel still the same guy

The 28-year-old’s postgame statements were shared in a USA Today article and one quote stands out the most.

“The product will keep getting better as the weeks go on,’’ Manziel said. “Good start even with the loss. You know, win or lose we booze on the Zappers.’’

Win or lose we booze. There you have it, Manziel is still about the postgame party.

The FCF is essentially a beer league for Manziel. He is older now, not even close to the shape he was once in, and joined a league with gimmicky rules. That is not to say the FCF can’t be fun, but it is still a statement about how far Manziel has fallen since being a first-round pick in 2014. For reference, Khalil Mack, Aaron Donald, and Derek Carr were all taken in the same draft. They are still playing great and earning a fortune in the NFL.

Manziel should look decent with the Zappers just based on his raw ability. And even with his past, it is good to see him competing at any level. Many fans will disagree with that statement, but the alternatives could be much worse.

A path back to the NFL was never a likely option after the Cleveland Browns cut Manziel in 2016. Since that time he has played in the CFL, AAF, and now the FCF. He may just want to have some fun and that is fine. He is who he is and that person is not an NFL quarterback.