Chiefs: Brett Veach should go to Patrick Mahomes for more cap space

If Brett Veach wants some more cap space for the Kansas City Chiefs, he could go ask Patrick Mahomes.

Navigating the NFL salary cap is never easy, but Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach is one of the best in the business. However, his AFC Championship team could be up against it for 2021. They will have some cap casualties, but one way to offset that would be to reach out to superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes and ask for a restructure.

The idea behind this is Veach could see if Mahomes would take some of his 2021 roster bonus and convert it into a signing bonus. He is slated to make $21.7 million this year in his roster bonus. However, converting too much of his roster bonus to a signing bonus could result in a higher cap hit in the coming years. If the Chiefs are careful, they can free up more money than they expected.

Patrick Mahomes’ contract will surely be restructured multiple times through

While Mahomes is worth well over $500 million now, he would be naive to think the Chiefs would not at some point reach out to him and his representation about a restructure. The idea is to free up more more so the Chiefs can sign more players up against the cap. Though Mahomes is worth every penny of his contract, he cannot contend for or win another championship by himself.

This is the downside to paying your franchise quarterback top dollar. The salary cap is a fixed number and a larger piece of the pie to one player means other players are not going to be fed. Because the Chiefs are in win-now mode, Veach needs to act smart to make sure Kansas City can contend for more Super Bowls before its best player creeps ever close to 30-years-old.

Asking Mahomes for a little bit of cap relief feels a tad desperate, but these are desperate times.