Mitchell Trubisky rumors: 5 best fits in NFL free agency

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Quarterbacks are always needed, meaning Mitchell Trubisky could be paid this offseason in Chicago or elsewhere

What to make of Mitch Trubisky. That’s actually a harder question to answer than just one word.

When drafted out of North Carolina No.2 overall, no one knew what Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes would become. Yes, Trubisky has been a problem working with Matt Nagy, but he’s also made the postseason twice in the past three seasons.

Was that due to an easy schedule or potentially the former Tar Heel tearing it up under center? Yes, the reality is was an easy schedule.

Teams are always looking to upgrade the most important position for teams to be successful. Even backup quarterbacks are essential in today’s offense should the starter miss a quarter or worse, the season.

Trubisky, 26, could at least fill a void for a short time with a team looking to draft a rookie. Then again, maybe another team would give him a chance to be successful well beyond say Week 5?

These five teams have the best chance at going after Trubisky

. 55. Pick Analysis. AFC North. Pittsburgh Steelers. 5. player. Scouting Report

Are the Steelers better off with Ben Roethlisberger? He averaged 6.3 yards per play through the air and will be due right now $41.5 million next season unless Pittsburgh can refinance the deal. Even if they do, Pittsburgh is set to lose three starting offensive linemen, plus several offensive weapons.

Worst of all? The Steelers won’t be selecting until 24th overall, all but putting the top five quarterbacks out of the market.

Trubisky is a safe option should he sign a one-year deal. He averaged 6.8 yards per throw and his passes are easier to catch. Will that help stop the highest drop rate receiver from letting passes leave his hands?

Pittsburgh needs to better spend their money on names who aren’t 39-year-old quarterbacks. Trubisky would work on a “prove it” deal if the money was best used to refurbish the offensive line.